I did some patches for demos that didn't run or had some problems. I mostly used (the oldish free edition of) IDA Pro to disassemble and debug the application and NASM and some Hex-Editor to create a patched EXE.

pouet id download group title year comment
5 Exceed - Heaven Seven Patch (62 kB) Exceed Heaven Seven 2000 I first patched this classic intro to provide higher resolutions. After I got the sources from the Exceed guys I added Vsync. I also tried improving texture resolution, which is quite an undertaking considering it is all TASM assembler code and uses neat tricks. Progress is slow.
11927 Sector Omega & Stravaganza - Decadentia Patch (278 kB) Sector Omega & Stravaganza Decadentia 2004 The demo now runs with OpenGL versions of 2.x and higher.
2436 SandS - Packed Band Patch (102 kB) SandS Packed Band 2000 The musicdisk now runs if you have more than 64 video modes.
458 tazadum - tac2 Patch (54 kB) tazadum tac2 2000 The intro doesn't crash before the final raytracing part anymore. Now it crashes after it is finished :).
303 satori - tao Patch (161 kB) satori tao 1998 The demo now supports 32bit true-color graphics mode and doesn't have to fall back to 15/16bit rendering in DOSBox anymore.
1088 Pulse & Pygmy projects & Virtual Dreams - Tour Patch (430 kB) Pulse & Pygmy projects & Virtual Dreams Tour 1998 The demo does now run in DOSBox and doesn't crash anymore because of unecessary EMMS instructions.

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